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Books, comics, movies, music... parenthood, religion... pretty much anything that falls out of my head. Companion podcast to the BCWYWF (Be careful what you wish for) comic/magazine series, and the growing line of Goadkicker products.
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Mar 15, 2016

This episode we get a little personal as we celebrate our first milestone (6 is the average number of episodes a podcast reaches before quitting). learn about the origin of Goadkicking, I review Fargo Season 1, and for Nerd Church we talk about Rock and Roll.

At the end I tack on a song I made 15 years ago or so under the band name Carbon Copy Dream called "First Man to Die in Space"

Thanks to Dischord Records for allowing me to use Nation of Ulysses for intro and outro music.

This episode is dedicated to Keith Emerson, RIP.

Feb 21, 2016

On the long delayed episode 5, we chat about pop culture expiration dates, cultural outrage, the video game Night Trap, review House of Monsters, I give a pitch for a story idea, and for Nerd Church we talk about plucking out our eyes.


thanks to Dischord Records for use of Nation of Ulysses music on intro and outro!

Feb 5, 2016

This episode we talk about Bowie Bonds and why we want to own a piece of our idols, the X Files revival and why cult favorites get away with being flawed. We review Faith by Valiant Comics and actually have not one but TWO calls for Street Beef! We hear from our good friend Tim Benson about binding comics into hard cover volumes and I gripe about DC rebooting. During Nerd Church I recount about Donald Trump's visit to my church, the day before Iowa caucus. Mostly I show why I need to go back to episode 3's format...

Intro and Outro music is Nation of Ulysses, used by permission of Dischord Records. Nerd Church organs provided by, and the Street Beef into is property of Nintendo of America. All the other music is performed by Carbon Copy Dream, which is me almost 2 decades ago.

I love each and every one of you.

Jan 23, 2016

In episode 3 we look at Team Ups... why do they seem to be an integral part of comic book fiction and real life? But not before I bum everyone out talking about relevance

We also review Issue 7 of Nowhere Men by Image Comics

During Segment Roulette we take a moment for One on the Town... One list that means, and we look at my top 5 favorite hero teams

During a trip to Nerd Church we talk about the reason human beings need to cooperate as a team


Thanks to Dischord Records for allowing us to use music by Nation of Ulysses for intro and outro music!!!

Jan 18, 2016

Powerball and Fair Page Rates!

Review: Hero Hourly by 21 Pulp

Segment Roulette: Secrets of the Universe (The Sun)

Nerd Church: Work and Pay

Thanks to Dischord Records for use of Nation of Ulysses music (intro and outro)

Church organ music provided by


Jan 14, 2016

Welcome to The Goadkicker Podcast! In this episode we talk about Olympic Skateboarding,

Reviews: Sisters, Rai, Deadpool/Cable, Spidey, Planetes

Backscratcher - There's a Hula Girl on my Dashboard by Logospilgrim

Pitch My Grits - Student Loan Zombie

Nerd Church - trying something new

Intro and Outro music by Nation of Ulysses, used with permission granted by Dischord Records

Organ music provided by

All other music is by Carbon Copy Dream, and I hold the rights.

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